Monday, July 16, 2012

Bake Break, Days 9+10: Showing Myself Some Grace

The last two days have been the most difficult of my Bake Break for the following reasons:

1. Yesterday was the first "no baking" day I had off so
 I couldn't even get my baking fix at work.
It is rare (very VERY rare) that I go one day without working with my hands in some way.

2. I've had too much free time
I didn't make any plans after work today. I puttered around the house for a bit before taking a long nap and then watching an entire movie without interruptions (yay!)

3. It has been way too long I haven't baked and the oven is just sitting there, looking at me like a sad puppy that hasn't been walked all week (which reminds me, I should probably walk my dog . . .) Yes, I give feelings to inanimate objects. I often say that my KitchenAid Mixer is tired as I pat it sympathetically.

4.  I am over capacity with having to show up places with out bringing baked goods. 
I keep planning things where I show up to see people, and can't use baked goods as an ice breaker or excuse for showing up somewhere (see days 7+8). I knew this one would be the least comfortable and most challenging.

All of that being said, I am having trouble feeling like I'm doing enough with my free time. I think this is one of those things that feels like an assignment, something at which you aren't necessarily enjoying but you know will be good for you--a discipline, of sorts. And, if you are disciplined long enough, the daily assignment can become your natural posture, and perhaps something that you actually enjoy (I would compare this to training for a run but I really hate running so you guys can just make up your own example).

Most importantly, in the midst of all of this discipline (yes, I realize it sounds completely ridiculous to be disciplined in not baking and instead watching movies or just sitting or something), it is also important to show yourself some grace--grace both in not getting everything on your "to-do" list done, and grace when it is your goal to rest more and you decide to work instead. Now, I realize these examples are applicable specifically to me, but whatever it is that you have trouble letting go of, remember to show yourself some grace. We'll both be better off.

I plan to get back to baking on my day off tomorrow, while also getting some other stuff done and trying to relax. And as much as I have the perfect plan for how to spend my day, I will try to show myself grace as my day is bound not to happen as perfectly as I had planned it.

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