Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bake Break, Day 4: Bake Break Break

Today, I took a break from my bake break. Before you all freak out, you should know that this was not a moment of weakness or boredom, but it was something I have had on the schedule for weeks--sticking to commitments is important, people!

There is a big difference to me between baking by myself and baking with a friend. Baking alone can be "me" time, a distraction, an obligation, a form of therapy, a chore, and so many other things. Baking with a friend is all about the relationship--the time that is shared over a bowl of cake batter.

"Food is, of course, a social thing, one of the most positive,
 primal ways of spending time with people . . . " 
-A Homemade Life

On days when I am so tired after working for 10 hours and I think I'll scream if I even have to look at another sugar cookie, I remember a baking date that I have scheduled later in the week with a new friend and I become thankful. I become thankful for a way much more interesting than sitting across from a person holding a coffee mug to get to know someone better. I'm Thankful that I can teach that person a bit more about baking and they can teach me a bit more about themselves.

So, even if I didn't abide by my "no baking" rule today, I got to spend 4 hours making petit fours for the birthday party of a sweet little girl with a friend who is always good to catch up with. And it was totally worth it.

 The next time you bake, consider inviting a friend, because the community aspect of preparing food together is bound to be more rewarding than the delicious treat you made.

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