Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gluten-Free Grape Tart

This season has been marked as a time of transitions.  Historically I have not been a fan of such seasons. But I am learning to embrace change, and be excited about new opportunities and experiences for those I love.

There is one transition, however, that I do not have to learn to love, but do so willingly: the change from Summer to Fall. And along with that comes wonderful new flavors and in-season produce.

It is grape season in New York, and grape pies are bound to be hitting the shelves about now. Here in Utah, I've asked around, and not a soul I talked to has ever had a grape pie. So, I'm doing my best to bring a bit of that wonderful fall flavor here, with this lovely sweet/tart grape tart recipe. Happy Autumn, everyone :)

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As a pastry chef by trade and by hobby, being diagnosed with Celiac Disease has not been easy. But through some experimental baking and a whole lot of faith, I'm living a full(er) life.