Sunday, January 4, 2015

Proper (Gluten-Free) Scones

I like to think of myself as "The One Who Can Make All of Your Pastry Dreams Come True". It is a big title, I realize, but when a friend tells me they haven't had ______ since leaving home ages ago, it is entirely too sad for me to handle. I must fix this problem and fill the need for a food they once found so lovely and comforting.

This is what happened with my friend Heather. She is from England but has been in The States for many years now. She recently told me that she's not had a "proper scone" in her entire time here. American scones, I am told, are filled with too many things, are entirely too large, and "why are they all shaped like triangles??"

And so I was determined to find the simplest scone recipe I could find. Thankfully, I remembered seeing a "simple scones" recipe in Alice Medrich's new cookbook. They were small and round and looked "proper" enough to me. I just made a few adjustments before baking and delivering them along with some créme fraîche and raspberry jam. They were Brit approved, and another pastry dream was made reality.

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